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EL VOYAGE Foundation’s mission is to support children’s development, with a holistic approach. We provide self development, activities, meals, shoes, and medial attention. The EL VOYAGE Foundation will partner with local organizations to work in remote areas. Our first program is in Guatemala, where EL VOYAGE coffee comes from.

10% of our profits from EL VOYAGE products sold on elvoyage.com are donated to the EL VOYAGE Foundation. Additional funds will be raised in the United States to cover the programs for children. It is only through a careful blend of physical, social, economic and spiritual care that a child can fully mature in every facet of life and transcend a legacy of poverty. Our simple daily choices in life can positively impact the lives of many others and it is through these simple actions, that we can show compassion to our neighbors.

The focus today is on Guatemala, as we have been working in the country for several years, but our long term goal is to expand to developing areas around the world.


Self Development

EL VOYAGE is an organization committed to the children and families we serve. The mission extends beyond simple involvement in their lives to long-term dedication and perseverance. Child development is an investment — an investment of time for a lifetime.

Child development is dynamic - it changes as a child’s needs change. It’s personal, individualized, relational and it is tailored to ages, gender, health, cultures and family situations. Child development equips children today with the skills to succeed tomorrow. It’s long-term and it doesn’t occur overnight. That is why we employ a holistic approach in our work.


2/3 of the population live on less than $2.00 a day in Guatemala, the country faces a severe challenge in achieving Zero Hunger. One of our programs is to provide meals for the children in remote areas to contribute to the elimination of all forms of malnutrition. 


Shoes are one of the most visible signs of poverty. The simple gift of new shoes can represent hope for a child in need. Improper footwear causes youth to not be able to attend school, the spreading of diseases, and significant discomfort in their daily life.

After recognizing the vast need for shoes for children in underserved communities all over the world - from refugee camps to orphanages - providing shoes twice a year for the children became our goal.



Un Sueño Possible, is a non-profit organization in Guatemala, that has been operating for the past 20 years as an independent group of people caring for thy neighbor.  In 2018 they established Un Sueño Posible legally and we have partnered with them to serve the children in Guatemala.  

Our partnership with Un Sueño Possible was born due to their holistic approach in their projects. Today they serve 1,154 people, with 13 Full-time and 20+ young Part-time volunteers, working with children and elders in 6 locations across the country. 

In August EL VOYAGE became an active fundraiser and partner with Un Sueño Possible. During our first visit to Pasmolón, we were able to meet the children and contribute to their needs. We are so blessed to embark in this voyage with our partner in Guatemala.




Share and promote our message with others, you can fundraise with friends, engage your community and reach your goal. Changing lives will uplift your own.


Share the love with children today when you make a donation.



Volunteers are essential to any organization, and EL VOYAGE Foundation is no exception. We welcome all volunteers. Each person, like yourself, have the opportunity to change the world one child at a time, by sharing your time and talents. You make an impact in countless ways and a difference.


Contact us TO learn more about our mission and How to get involved


EL VOYAGE Foundation was founded by Vicky Cohen, Yenifer Lam and Katherine A. Chamale. Women with unique global roots and a shared passion for people.

With more than 20 years of global sourcing experience between Vichy Cohen & Yenifer Lam, they started a journey 10 years ago and founded Glocal Connection LLC, which owns the brand EL VOYAGE. The brand sells handcrafted accessories and coffee in order to support economic growth for communities in remote areas, the brand brings their products to a global market. 

That dream came true in August 2018, when we launched the EL VOYAGE Foundation. Katherine came on board when launching the Foundation, a marketing student but a volunteer with different organizations in Guatemala, she has been a key contact for EL VOYAGE Foundation to start the relationships with Un Sueño Posible and the work they do.


Vicky Cohen



Yenifer Lam



Katherine A. Chamale




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